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Welcome to the Library of Gál Ferenc Theological College

Information about the library:

This public collection can be found in the imposing building of the College in Dóm tér, Szeged. The library was founded by Bishop Gyula Glattfelder and Minister of Culture Kunó Klebelsberg in the center of the Diocese of Szeged-Csanád and in the heart of the Southern Great Plain of Hungary. Our aim is to provide students, teachers, researchers and anybody who might be interested in this field with Hungarian and foreign literature, scholarly works and reviews that may contribute to the researches in the areas of theology, Christian philosophy, pedagogy and psychology and in other academic issues approached from a Christian point of view. For the users of our library, we provide a wide range of services: in-library consultation, borrowing, information and interlibrary loans. Our registered members may also use the computers with Internet access free of charge. A great majority of our stock may be borrowed and the rest can be used in our spacious reading room.

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Klebelsberg Kunó

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