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The HPB Database (previously called the Hand Press Book Database) is a steadily growing collection of files of catalogue records from major European and North American research libraries covering items of European printing of the hand-press period (c. 1455-c. 1830) integrated into one file. This makes it possible for information to be retrieved in one single search across all files.

The HPB Database is hosted by OCLC, and further new files are added each year. The majority of these files consist of high-level bibliographical records created by book-in-hand cataloguing. Some files contain records created as a result of retroconversion projects, and these are gradually being replaced by sections of enhanced records. The entire system is developed in a unique spirit of international co-operation.

The HPB Database is of interest to librarians and any one else with academic pursuits across many fields of study that use printed books as source material. It is especially valuable for research in intellectual history, social history, and transmission of thought — as well as in the history of printing and the history of the book. It may be accessed for information retrieval and downloading by CERL member institutions, their staff and users.

 Source: http://www.cerl.org/web/en/resources/hpb/main




EISZ (Elektronikus Információszolgáltatás, Electronic Information Service): Review Archives of the Academy – the articles of more than 50 scientific reviews can be downloaded in PDF format.


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