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  1. Simple and Advenced Search
  2. Browse: Author, Title, Subject
  3. Basket: collection of records
  4. Search history
  5. Patron data

Simple search: 

one piece of data is searched (author, title, subject heading) by selection, just with a click on the drop-down menu.

Advanced Search:

data can be searched at the same time; thus results become more accurate.


It can be used in case inaccurate or incomplete data is at our disposal e.g. we are not sure of the exact name of the author or we are searching within a topic. We get a list of results from which the adequate one(s) may be selected.



Contents of the basket: we can look at the results gathered in it during the search by clicking the small square at the beginning of each line. The list can either be saved or printed.


Patron data:.


Reader’s data: the list of borrowed books can be seen here and the borrowing period can be prolonged here.

The month and day of the date of birth (a four-digit number) serves as a password.



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