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Library rules

The order of registration:

1. The following persons may become members of the library:

   a, the staff and the fellow-workers of the college,

   b, full-time and correspondent students of the college,

   c, the staff and the students enrolled at the University of Szeged,
   d, the priests of the diocese,
   e, residents of the diocese holding Hungarian citizenship and a permanent address and anybody     interested in the stock of the library.

2. Basic services of the library are free of charge.

3. A student’s card and/or an ID is/are essential for registration.

4. Registration is valid for a year; membership should be renewed annually.

The order of borrowing:

1. Any document void of restrictions may be borrowed from the library stock.

2. The reference section, old books, collections of reviews, CD data bases, documents published before 1950 and works marked with a label “in-library consultation” cannot be borrowed.

3. Documents published in few copies belonging to the main topics of the library fall under partial restriction.

4. A maximum of five books may be borrowed at a time from the library. The borrowing period is three weeks.

5. Works being borrowed may be booked. Once the document requested is returned to the library, the person who has requested it is informed and the document is held for them for eight days.

6. The borrowing period may be borrowed twice provided only if the given book has not been booked by another person.

7. The book(s) borrowed should be returned to the library without any warning. After one week of “patience period”, a fee of HUF 20/ day/volume has to be paid, starting from the date the book became overdue.

8. In case a book is lost or become damaged, the library accepts another copy provided that it can properly substitute the volume lost or damaged. However, the library may ask for a recompense for the academic value of the document lost or damaged in case the original copy cannot be sufficiently substituted.

Other services:

Interlibrary loans can be requested by any registered member with the right to borrow books who undertakes and fulfils the regulations of interlibrary loans and covers their expenses, if any are involved.

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